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Intended for client-contact personnel, supervising teams and management teams, our training courses cover all of Jayne Fashion Agency’s areas of expertise.
Our teaching tools are thought-out and developed with you, to anchor the training as closely as possible in your core business and your needs.
Our training programmes, led by a specialist and passionate team of trainers, can be adapted and personalised depending on the requirements and audiences involved.

The forum for advisers

Aimed at client-contact/retail personnel, our training package offers you the chance to motivate and bring out the best in your teams, as well as increase their awareness about fashion culture, product knowledge, and understanding clients… In the form of all-comprehensive or single training courses, this knowledge will enhance the sales pitch and help nurture client relations.
Training your sales teams, from the formalisation of your sales frame of reference to its implementation via a specially-dedicated training course of a new kind, characterised by the ethos of our agency, is at the heart of our approach which aims to increase the skills and professional know-how of your teams and network.
Bringing out the best in your sales personnel and their relations with consumers brings added value to your brand image.

The management office

Coaching aimed at the senior managers and personnel in your company from the different departments, including marketing, buying, production, human resources and design, our training package supports your company in carrying out change and managing creativity: understanding the international markets (Europe, USA, Asia, …), getting the most out of your collection process, increasing product and fashion-related skills, as well as learning creative teaching methods for in-house training.
Permanently involving your managers and developing a specialised and strong corporate culture means ensuring a return on investment both in the short and long term.

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